The highly professional French-Thai team of EXCELLENCE PLUS creates inspired concepts and design experiences that valorize a distinct sense of luxury and beauty for any creative event, show or festival. We set new high standards for innovation in attractive design and events planning in Thailand with a Thai, French or International style that brings elegance, classicism and creativity to your event, show or festival.


Our team applies their international experience for the greatest brands of hospitality, shopping centres, luxury residences, flourishing gardens… at your service for your special event. We help you create the perfect style, attractive design and concept, decorating your event, show, festival… or wedding. Our Interior Design team can assist you by providing a complete package.



We have an excellent expertise in creation and development of original innovative design for any event, show, festival... vectors of aesthetic emotions. We provide top event experts, event planners, organizers, designers and exceptional full service wedding or shows, festivals, events planning with unsurpassed customer service and exquisite attention to all the details in managing your event. We will create the event design of your dreams while allowing you to enjoy each and every moment of this most special time in your life, your career, business or organization.



Any Design or Concept Design for events, festivals, shows, concept design, advertising concepts, celebrations, TV programs, TV studios and decors, Movie Décors, concerts, weddings, banquets,... and more.
Including magnificient Floral Design, bouquets,… modern art frescos and fresco painting (painting murals, wall painting and wall treatments).
Let us help you design your event to become a unique fascinating attraction with an attractive innovative Concept Design. We create impressive Lighting Design with wall and ceiling visual light color graphics effects for amazing eye shows…
We supply banquet facilities, booking your reception, photographers, wedding dress, reception facilities, invitations, selecting florists and flowers, floral design, checklist, bakers, caterers, videographers, bands, dj's, limousines, honeymoon planning, expense planning,… and virtually every wedding or events service you will need to enhance your special day.


At EXCELLENCE PLUS our ultimate goal is to think your event design, all created specifically for you, your event that reflect your likes, your lifestyle, your personality, your business or organization because each customer is unique. We will custom tailor your event to your individual needs and desires. Each project, design, every client, every solution is unique. We are passionate about creating fantastic innovative event, festival and show design to suit your needs and goals. We custom design in accordance with your individual, professional plans and targets in your market.
Our enduring relationships with our customers are testament to the fact that the client’s wishes remain at the centerpiece of our creations.


Our expert designers, event planners / organizers are considered specialists in their particular field and are here to help you with your show, festival, event planning and in all aspects of it. With a Thai, French, or International inspiration, the impressive international well-known « French touch » and the talents, expertise of our fabulous team, we are specialized in Global Event Design & Planning.