Remodelling and Restyling Services in Hua Hin and Bangkok

We are passionate about creating fantastic innovative style and design, remodeling, restyling services and options, styling expertise, renovations solutions to suit your needs and expectations.


EXCELLENCE PLUS takes attention to detail, customer satisfaction. We will save your valuable time.
Our fabulous design high quality work, featuring innovative and timely design ideas to enhance the beauty of anything impress our customers! We will assist you to identify your specific needs to improve and develop the best image, appearance, the perfect style, for your property or company, your business as well, be it small or a large organization, in order to look modern, elegant, stylish, with efficiency everyday, anytime. Some people dream of excellence, beauty and success. We make it happen.


Our mission and goal is to make your place, environment more beautiful and attractive. Style goes beyond what you design. We help clients, customers create a style that is all their own. With our signature look combining the Thai-French Chic touch not just for a special day, but for every day. Consult with us and we will build you a package tailored to your specific needs, identity, knowing that every person, every company is different.


We design solutions by identifying classics pieces that create a strong foundation to your image, look and appearance with a French, Thai or International Style, Design with always the passion of elegance, innovation, creativity and excellence.


Our approach is to nurture each individual’s or corporate’s style with our effective solutions designed to improve, boost, and reveal the innate style within all of us. Working holistically, we are able to make a lasting impact on your style and image.

Check out with us our custom solutions and services to make things better with our talented Thai-French consultants at your service.


Why you should contact EXCELLENCE PLUS


EXCELLENCE PLUS is the very qualified partner for Thailand's high visibility properties, Commercial & Residential Design. We develop to become one of the top-quality companies in Thailand in order to offer the best quality services in Design and Styling Expertise.


We work tirelessly to help create the Best Image and Perfect Style for our clients.